a guy called Simon Plakolb, MSc

I studied Environmental Systems Science doing the Natural Science / Technology track at both Technical University of Graz and University of Graz. Now I am a Pre-Doc member of the Systems Science research group of Professor Manfred Füllsack. The group is situated at the Institute of Systems Sciences, Innovation and Sustainability Research.
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In my spare time i sometimes develop software or write in my blog.


useful skills and other fun stuff

Currently I teach one group at the Pro-Seminar course Applied Systems Science 2. My group ambitiously called "Python-Wonderland" deals with Warren Sanderson's Wonderland-Model. The aim is to impart a thorough understanding of development in the Python programming language whilst gaining basic understanding of systems analysis.

Interested in systems science and speaking german?
Read: Ohne System geht nix.
To learn more about systems science in general and in english refer to my institute's eTextbook.
For more Python programming basics coupled with systems check out Dr. Georg Jäger's teaching materials for Computational Basics (German).


of various systems with me and my colleagues

My current research focus is on traffic modelling. Our working group developed a traffic model that outperforms others in terms of computing time.
Methodologically I am focused on networks analysis and microscopical modelling approaches in the realm of Monte Carlo and Agent-based simulation.

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Software that only I really seem to need.

Sometimes I solve my daily problems with nifty little apps I write as a leisure activity.
Usually I disclose the source code once I am satisfied with my code quality. Which I fight to be more often.
I am a big functional programming Haskell afficionado. Nevertheless, my Android apps are done in Java and Kotlin and my work mainly is done in Python.

Follow my (strong) opinions about proramming languages in my blog

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For I am too cheap to air a podcast.

Curious thoughts on hackability of devices or faulty properties of programming languages usually end up in my blog.

Don't take it too seriously.