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TerraTec Connect N3 Hack Part 3

After getting root access to the Connect N3 device and looking into all of its hard- and software, there seemed nothing broken on the device itself other than the crappy implementation of NetUSB. Now that we know enough about the device, let’s look at the driver and what’s happening on the local network.

TerraTec Connect N3 Hack Part 2

Having my UART stick connected to my computer I started screen to try out different bitrates, ending up at 115.200 bit/s which finally had me seeing meaningful ASCII on my screen and entering my home field: the software.

TerraTec Connect N3 Hack Part 1

So the other day I stumbled over an old device of my father which had stopped working about a year ago or so. Since lately I had gotten more interest into device hacking, I figured I could try to get it back to life again.